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Psychology & Personal Development


WHAT KIND OF DOG ARE YOU?  It’s a new system for personal and professional development with the broad appeal of Myers-Briggs and astrology, the support of serious research on psychology, and an appeal to millions of dog owners and dog lovers worldwide. It’s based on a new workshop/seminar program, and the book will shortly be published by a major publisher in Japan. World English and other translation rights are still available.

In a nutshell, the book is a guide to understanding yourself and others, improving relationships, and achieving greater everyday success by the types of dogs you each most like and least like. The book also offers ways to work with different types of dogs to help make decisions, solve problems, get a job, and more. It’s a highly promotable book, and the workshop program has been featured on TV interview shows and in several newspapers. A TV reality show based on the book is in development.

You can see more about the book and workshop program at www.whatkindofdogareyou.com. The book is complete, except for a final editorial polish. (Complete book).

THE INNOVATIVE EDGE. A book designed to help readers achieve the innovative edge in work, business, or in everyday life, to come up with better ideas, make creative, intuitive leaps, and think of alternatives to achieve the most profitable, productive solutions.

The book includes examples of how to apply these techniques, along with exercises to visualize possibilities, think more fluidly, and get in touch with your inner creative force to make innovative intuitive leaps. (Complete book; originally scheduled for publication, but now available due to the publisher’s financial problems. Suggested clip art to illustrate each chapter included.)

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT LYING! How and Why Different People Lie and What to Do About It. This follow-up book to the award-winning Truth About Lying explores how and why we lie.

After a pop-sociology/psychology overview, it discusses different styles of lying and how to deal with different types of lies, based on interviews with people from different backgrounds and includes a “Lie-Q” test, so readers can rate themselves and others. The original book The Truth About Lying is also available for republication, and a PDF file is available for reprinting the book. (Proposal and complete book).

CUTTING YOUR LOSSES: What to Do When Things Go Wrong, When You Face Problems, and When You Experience Losses in Life.Everyone faces difficulties and problems, makes mistakes, and faces losses in life – both personally and at work or in business. What’s the best strategy under different situations?

CUTTING YOUR LOSSES deals with different approaches by different folks in different circumstances, and suggests some different strategies you might use. For example, strategies include: moving on, strategic retreat, leaving the battlefield, finding alternatives, rituals to overcome grief, plunging into a new challenge, and more.

Each chapter features examples drawn from interviews with hundreds of people about what they have done to cut their losses, along with stories and advice drawn from folklore.

Finally, each chapter concludes with suggestions on what you might do to cut your losses when facing a similar type of loss – or how to apply these strategies in other situations. (Proposal).