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We handle books in a number of popular categories.

Here are titles of some of the current book projects we are currently handling, though listings are constantly changing.  Some of these books were published in limited release by Changemakers Publishing, so they could be used in workshops and seminars, but are available for publication by a traditional publisher.

We can send you a proposal, manuscript, and in some cases a complete book for further consideration

Business Relationships and Professional Development

Publishing and Promoting Your Book in Multiple-Formats

How to Have Happy Clients and Make Unhappy Ones Happy Again

Creating Your First Sales Team: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Small Businesses and Professionals Seeking More Clients and Customers

Marketing Gone Mad! The Funny Mistakes that Marketing, Sales, and Ad People Have Made

Using the Dog Type System for Success in Business and the Workplace


Psychology, Personal Development, and Improving Relationships

Turnabout: A Memoir and Guide to Turning Bad Experiences into Successes

Life Is a Fairy Tale: How Fairy Tales Can Be a Source of Advice for Personal Development and Success

Do Your Doggone Best: How to Apply the Secrets of Dog Trainers to Having Better Relationships with Others

What’s Your Dog Type?  and What’s Your Cat Type?

Animal Insights: A Guide to Using Images of Different Animals to Enhance Your Life and Work

The Animal Experience: A Journey You Can Take with Different Types of Animals to Enhance Your Life and Work


Social Trends and General Interest

Success Secrets of the Ancient Americas

The Art of the Con: A History of Famous Con-Artists and Tricksters and the Secrets of Their Success



Behind the Walls of Justice: The Adventures of a Private Investigator in Working on Criminal Defense Cases

Why Do Crooks Do Such Stupid Things?  The Major Types of Dumb Things Crooks Do


Photo and Humor

Do You Look Like Your Dog?: Based on a Website, Photos and Stories from Owners All Over the World

Gripe, Gripe, Gripe: A Compilation of Modern Day Complaints




It Makes My Day When… The Little Moments People Experience that Light Up Their Day

The Affirmations Book: A Collection of Affirmations and Quotes to Brighten Your Day

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