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I have received back the rights to the following books, after successful runs, when the books went out of print and the publisher decided not to reprint.

These books could be printed from the Word, or PDF files used for publishing them or from PDF scans where these original files are not available, or the books could be updated for a new publication.

Some of these books might also be repackaged, such as by dividing them into a series of smaller books with a few chapters each.


CREATIVE TRAVELER. Features techniques to enjoy your travels more, wherever you go and whether you travel individually or as part of a group.

It includes fun techniques to see and experience the places you visit more fully, such as visualization, imaging, sensing, and other methods. Find new ways to better enjoy music, art, and food; have more fun shopping; get to know people better; etc. (Complete book, republished by ASJA Press and available for republication).



Examines the way fantasy becomes a source of creativity, excitement, entertainment, and vision, using examples of different types of fantasies, used by groups as a form of recreation and play. (Complete book, republished by ASJA Press as FANTASY WORLDS and available for republication. Can be updated with current examples).