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General Interest Books


DO THEY LOOK LIKE THEIR DOG…AND WHY? is a follow-up book to the novelty humor photo book Do You Look Like Your Dog, published in January 2004.

It is designed to be a more in-depth book, featuring not only photos of people from the U.S. and other countries that look like their dog, but stories from these people, comments from psychologists and veterinarians about why people are drawn to dogs with a similar personality or qualities, and brief highlights about the breeds which most people think they look like and why.

It is designed to be not only sold through the usual bookstore channels, but marketed with a variety of tie-in products through special marketing channels that appeal to the over 70 million dog-owners and the many millions more who love dogs.

Possibilities include tie-ins with pet food companies, pet retailers, dog shows, and the growing number of individuals and companies providing services for dogs, including pet parties and training. Some spin-off projects that could use the photos in the book include calendars, posters, greeting cards.

A spin-off TV reality/game show is in the works with a TV producer. (Proposal).

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT LYING! How and Why Different People Lie and What to Do About It. This follow-up book to the award-winning Truth About Lying explores how and why we lie.

After a pop-sociology/psychology overview, it discusses different styles of lying and how to deal with different types of lies, based on interviews with people from different backgrounds and includes a “Lie-Q” test, so readers can rate themselves and others.

The original book The Truth About Lying is also available for republication, and a PDF file is available for reprinting the book. (Proposal and complete book).