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Books on Shamanism

I have received back the rights to the following books, after successful runs, when the books went out of print and the publisher decided not to reprint.

These books could be printed from the Word, or PDF files used for publishing them or from PDF scans where these original files are not available, or the books could be updated for a new publication. Some of these books might also be repackaged, such as by dividing them into a series of smaller books with a few chapters each.



These are the first two books about shamanism written by the author, who will have a widely publicized book about shamanism: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Shamanism published by Alpha Books in the fall of 2002.

This book and the author’s previously published book will be featured on a Web site focused on contemporary shamanism: www.shamanismtoday.com

Shaman Warrior features the author’s adventures in work with a modern shamanic group, the Order of the Divine Flame, while the second: Secrets of the Shaman, features the further teachings the author received in working individually with the leader of this shamanic group.

These books cover such topics as “seeing into other realities, directing and stepping into dreams, projecting one’s consciousness into other places and the future, getting in touch with one’s inner voice, meeting one’s ally, and working with trance, channeling and ritual.

(Complete books, republished by ASJA Press and available in Word or PDF formats, ready for publication.)

A third book in the series based on further teachings: SHAMAN INITIATION, which has not been published, is available, too.